Bibliogram updater

It's the start of June.

I've finished the initial release of the Bibliogram updater!

In short, this will automatically install Bibliogram for you and then keep it up to date without any more interaction from the server admin. I think pretty much all the information about what it does is already in the README, so check that out!

I hope that this encourages more people to host Bibliogram simply because it's now easier. They can use about 3 commands to get it running, and then 0 commands to maintain it in the future. This should also help lazy people who are currently running ancient versions cough cough nixnet and hamster.

I'm keen to work on instance discovery soon since this should remove another barrier of entry to hosting a public instance: having to edit the instances wiki page.

Tomorrow I might go down to the labs to study again.

— Cadence

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