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Coded entirely from scratch in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. No WYSIWYG editors. No templates. And no client-side frameworks: no Angular, no React and no jQuery.

Source code on GitHub.


Served to you by node.js (just HTTP, not Express),
storing data in SQLite,
with HTTPS certificates from Let's Encrypt,
available on the domains (purchased from Namecheap) and (free from Freenom),
delivered from a VPS by Vultr,
running Ubuntu as its operating system.

Font: Bariol by atipo foundry

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Resources served since 2018-06-24: (loading...)

Shoutouts to DuckDuckGo, StackOverflow, GitHub, ES6, Compose, and anyone who puts JavaScript in really silly places.

Super special shoutouts to free software for making this possible. :heart: