This document concerns what data you provide to this website, the purpose of the data, how the data is stored, and how the data can be removed.

Data you directly provide

Data that you directly provide to the website for the purposes of publishing (for example, the content of a created paste, an uploaded image, or a username) may be stored permanently and copies may be sent to anyone or anything that requests it.

Data that you provide to the website for the purpose of the website's operation (for example, an account token, an account password, or a channel subscription) may be stored permanently. This data will not be intentionally shared with anyone or anything.

Data you passively provide

When you request any resource from this website (for example, a page, a font, an image, or an API endpoint) the requested URL (without query string parameters) is stored in the site's database and its hit count is incremented by one. The database table only stores the number of hits each resource has received. No information about individual requests is stored. You can see the first few rows of this database table here: /api/hits

This website does not store visitor user-agent strings or IP addresses and does not use fingerprinting, advertisements, or tracking of any form.

Data stored in your browser

This website uses the Web Storage API to store data in your browser. By using this website, you consent to the storage of this data. This data consists of:

You can remove this data from your browser either logging out of this website and unsubscribing from all CloudTube channels, or by using your browser's cookie-related controls to delete the data.

Removal of data

To remove data stored in your browser, you can either unsubscribe from all CloudTube channels and log out of the website, or you can use your browser's controls to delete the data.

To remove data that has been posted on the website or is stored in the website's database, if no controls to do so are available on the website, you should contact me and request that I manually remove it.