This document provides details on how this website collects, stores, and uses your data. This applies to both data stored on the website's servers, and data stored inside your browser.

Please also read the terms of use.

Summary of enclosed information

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Server storage

Data you deliberately publish to the public will be served to anyone that requests it.

Data you provide for the purposes of this site's operation may be stored forever, but will not be shared with anyone.

Every time you request a page on this site, the URL is added to a database table that counts the total number of hits on that URL.

Data sent by your browser that assists with personal identification (for example, IP address, user-agent, cookies, fingerprint) is not stored.

Browser storage

A list of personal preferences and the account you're logged into is stored in your browser. You can remove this data using your browser's cookie-related controls.

Need more info?

Please see the complete details below.

Data stored on the server

About server storage

Data is stored in an SQLite3 database. The database schema is available on GitHub.

The data is stored on the same server that serves web requests. The server is located in Sydney, Australia.

Data you publish for public viewing

Data that you directly provide to the website for the purposes of publishing may be stored permanently and copies may be sent to anyone or anything that requests it. This data will only be stored when you click the button to submit it, it will never be collected or stored automatically.

Here is a list of all data that falls into this category:

  • a paste, viewable on the pastes section
  • an image, viewable on the images section
  • a link to an external site, viewable on the links section
  • a list of defeated bosses in Hollow Knight Godmaster, viewable on the Godmaster section
  • a bingo card, viewable on the Egg Central section, made up of:
    • the title you provide
    • the link to its image
    • its tags
    • the locations of its clickable tiles

Other data you personally provide

Data that you provide to the website for the purpose of the website's operation may be stored permanently. This data will not be intentionally shared with anyone or anything.

Here is a list of all data that falls into this category:

  • details about your account:
    • its username
    • a hash of its password
    • a randomly-generated salt for the password
    • a list of tokens used by your browser to stay logged in between visits
  • a list of account tokens, used to stay logged in to this website between visits
  • a list of channel subscriptions on CloudTube

Data silently collected

When you request any resource from this website (for example, a page, a font, an image, or an API endpoint) the requested URL (without query string parameters), current time, and the internal method used to handle the request is logged to the console. The console is limited to 1000 lines, and data sent there is never written to disk. The console is erased whenever the server machine restarts.

Sample console output:

[ ] [095800] Using file directly for /fonts/bariol.ttf (read)
[ ] [095802] Using routeHandler /api/bingo/([0-9]+) to respond to /api/bingo/17
[ ] [100031] Using pageHandler /cloudtube/subscriptions (cloudtube/subscriptions.html) to respond to /cloudtube/subscriptions
[ ] [100031] HitAcc: 8 items updated in Hits
[ ] [100031] HitAcc: 1 items updated in DomainHits
[!] [100032] Couldn't handle request for /apple-touch-icon-120x120-precomposed.png

As well as being logged to console, the requested URL (without query string) is stored in the site's database and its hit count is incremented by one. The database table only stores the number of hits each resource has received. No information about individual requests is stored here, not even the time at which a request was made. This accumulated hit count is stored forever. You can see the first few rows of this database table here: /api/hits

A similar database table holds the number of hits each domain has received. Here is a static selection of rows from the table:


This website does not store visitor user-agent strings or IP addresses and does not use fingerprinting, advertisements, or tracking of any form.

Removing data from the server

To remove a paste that you've submitted while logged in, you can load the paste, click its "Edit" button, delete everything from the input box, then click "Submit". All details about the paste (its contents, author, and submission date) will be erased from the database.

To remove any other data that you've created, please contact me using any of the methods listed here and tell me what data you want removed. If possible, please provide evidence that you own the data.

To file a copyright claim to remove data that you own the rights to, please send an email to the address listed on the contact page.

Data stored in your browser

About browser storage

This website uses the Web Storage API to store data in your browser.

Details of stored data

  • an account token to keep you logged in to the website between visits, which is sent when any page is loaded while you are logged in
  • the list of channels you have subscribed to on CloudTube, which is sent when you load your subscriptions list when you are not logged in
  • the list of videos you have watched on CloudTube, which is only stored if you opt-in and is never sent back to the server
  • CloudTube settings, which are:
    • the list of content filters you've created
    • whether a list of videos you've watched should be stored locally
    • whether end cards are enabled
    • whether canvas should be used to enhance end cards
    • your preferred video format
    • whether images should be proxied
    • whether video/audio streams should be proxied
    • your preferred date display format
    • whether links to the legacy player are displayed
  • which info boxes you've closed, which is used so they're not displayed again

Removing this data

You can use your browser's cookie-related controls to permanently remove all stored data.

If you don't want to use those controls, you can remove a limited amount of data using the website's controls:

  • log out to remove the account token
  • unsubscribe from channels on CloudTube to remove them